Committed to positive training and cognitive enrichment from the beginning

Since we started business in 2018, Milwaukee Paws Pet Care has been committed to providing personalized care with a focus on cognitive enrichment for pets. We have always had a passion for bringing science backed information to our clients care and that passion continues today!

Canine Einstein is an extention of that passion- bringing our favorite products in training, enrichment and pet care to you and your pet. We offer a variety of Dog Training Services, products and items designed to strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Our product list is growing everyday, so check back often for new items!

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  • Puzzles and Interactive Toys

    Interactive toys and puzzles are the. perfect addition to your dogs enrichment routine. These tools allow your dog to sniff, problem solve and think to get their food. Use high quality treats or. your dogs food with these items to extend the time it takes them to eat./collections/interactive

  • Help with Stress and Anxiety

    Many of the items we sell, like LickiMat products, are designed to help dogs feel less stress and anxiety through the promotion of a natural self soothing behavior, Licking. We offer a variety of LickiMat products and other brands designed to help promote calm./collections/canine-enrichment

  • Leashes and Harnesses

    When training or walking your dog, safety is the top priority. We sell only the harnesses and leashes that our staff recommend and use. From harnesses to long lines, you will find our favorite products to help you and your dog get in nature and have some fun. COME BACK SOON TO SEE OUR PICKS FOR LEASHES AND HARNESSES